Back home

I got back from Sonshine today. It was so awesome. I am so glad I went. And today was the car wash. It was really fun! I got to spend the day with most of my favorite people, including Celeste!Celeste finally came home tonight! I am so happy! I missed her so much. After the car wash, we came home and lounged. Then we took a quick dip in the pool. After, I took a much needed shower. Camping and washing cars make your dirty, and also not washing for 3 days…. (The consensus at the car wash was that I smelled. I took that as a sign.)Then it was off to Cub for juice, popcorn, Cheetohs, and liquid band aids. Now, I am in the process of watching Corky Romano. That movie is hilarious. I am also talking to Jon and Justin. Justin isn’t talking too much, but oh well. It is weird that Nikki isn’t on, but she is on her way home from Sonshine. I think I shall depart pretty soon. I have to wake up early to go sell Krispy Kremes at church. I think I will get a small experience of what handling a family is like, because I have to make sure Celeste and Ashley are ready so we can go get Jon and be at church in time. Come buy Krispy Kremes! Have an awesome night, and God Bless!Song: "Working at the car wash"