Life One Armed

Well I didn’t die.  Thank you Jesus!

I am amazed how much I took my arm for granted.  I will have full use of it soon, but it is so weird how great of a loss one surgery does to the muscles in your shoulder!  I just hope that after all of my therapy is done, the pain will all be gone too.

During my Vicodin filled days, I have been keeping my brain moving with Sudoku!  Unfortunately they are all difficult to read since I had to use my left hand.  I am practically ambidextrous now!

I have had so many people taking wonderful care of me!  I so greatly appreciate how much people helped me.

Also, many of you were worried about how well Justin would take care of me.  I was pleasantly surprised how amazing Justin was!  Despite teasing me about dying and having the abilities of a 5 year old, he has been so great.  I love him so much and am so blessed to have him.  I have had a great look towards our future during this time and have seen how great of a father he will be.

Hopefully Not the Last

I feel like I should update my blog seeing as I have this goal of updating it often.  It’s not like I am too busy to do so, I just forget to do it 🙂

On Wednesday I am having shoulder surgery.  Not a huge deal, just fixing some things that are wrong with it.  Besides getting my wisdom teeth pulled, I have never had surgery before, and I am a bit terrified.  They aren’t even cutting me open, but I think my problem is that I watch too many doctor shows so I have seen the incredibly unlikely scenarios happen all too often.  After the surgery I have to be monitored for 24 hours to make sure I don’t have a funny reaction to the anesthesia.  Justin can’t be at home the whole time, so he wants to set up a webcam.  Sounds like him doesn’t it?

In other news… still no job :-/  I fortunately have many smaller jobs that keep the bills paid.  I am very grateful to God for this because I could have nothing.  I just didn’t picture life after college to be the way that it is turning out to be.

The great thing about not having a “real” job is that it doesn’t really matter overall.  I have a great life!  I am married to someone that I love very much no matter how much we argue about the right way to do things!  I have a loving family and great friends.  Plus I have God, who provides for me and never lets me go.

Sappy, I know… but what if this is my last post?

If it is… Dad gets my car 🙂

My Favorite Color is Green

There are many times in my life where I am envious of others.  I will see someone who seems very happy and content and I will try to figure out what is secretly wrong in their lives.  It is hard for me to trust that someone could be very content.  I do not believe that anyone can ever be content with everything in their lives, but I know that there is a higher level of contentment that I am capable of reaching.

The Bible says, A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones (Proverbs 14:30).  This week I think that I am going to start working on ways to be content in my life and find things that I am grateful for.

Starting tonight…  I am grateful for:

  • Having someone to snuggle up next to every night no matter what we went through that day
  • Having a kitty to snuggle up next to any time of the day
  • Being able to own a home, two new cars, and other nice things even though I still have not been employed
  • Solitaire
  • Mom, Dad, and Ashley; Mom, Dad, and Amy
  • Great friends
  • God and His word
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Books

As I started writing those down, I realize that I could go on forever.  There are so many things that can help me feel more content with my life that I already have.  It is important to start appreciating them more.

Solitary Confinement

Half an hour left before my first church council meeting! I know that I will have a lot to offer, and hopefully it will all make sense, but I am still a bit nervous. I think it is because I am the youngest member to sit on the council, maybe ever! Plus, I am just not sure what to fully expect. I will know soon enough!

Justin and I played Tetris for awhile Saturday.  It was a lot of fun, and we ranked ourselves 9th in the world on the Tetris tournament.  Pretty good if I do say so myself!  John came over the next day and he and Justin beat our ranking, but I still felt worthy for awhile!

I am heading to the gym tonight after council, hopefully with Lindsey!  It will be 3 of my necessary 12 visits this month.  I am planning on more than twelve, but it is a great thing for me if I make it that many times!  I also need to start working on not eating in the evening.

I finished the 1,000 White Women book that I recommended by Jim Fergus.  It was incredibly amazing.  I liked it so much that I went out and purchased his next book, Wild Girl.  I recommend this one also.  They are especially great books to read if you have any interest in Native American life and culture.

One last piece of advice, I downloaded this great solitaire game for my Mac the other day.  You can get it at  It amazes me the way programs run on Macs!

The Last First Day

I started school yesterday.  It is my fifth year so I am a super senior!  I like being super, but I am not so sure this is the way I wanted to accomplish superness.  I have a light load of classes this semester but I think they will each give me their own challenges.  I have to write at least 2 research papers and I am kind of nervous that I will not do well on them.  I have a goal to have a straight-A semester, and seeing as this is my last chance, I really want to accomplish my goal.

I am married now as many of you know.  It has been a challenge but a great one.  It is hard to relate with many of my friends who are getting married around this time.  Every wedding that I am attending in the next month or so involves a couple that were already living together.  Justin and I were not living together, so getting married and him moving it has presented many more obstacles than the other couples will face, and more than I expected.

I cannot believe how happy I am though.  Having Justin to fall asleep next to and wake up next to has been amazing.  I love him so much, and I can see how much he loves me more than I ever could before.  He even lets the cat sleep with us at my request!

Enough being sappy!

I am nervous about become a real adult in December.  I have to find a grown up job!  This is exciting but not, because I really have no idea what kind of job I will find.  Having a history degree gives me a wide array of options, I just have to narrow them down!