15 months and Halloween!

Link turned 15 months old October 20, which means we are almost to the next month marker! We had his 15 month checkup, which went fairly well.

At Link’s 12 month checkup they had to draw blood, and they did not do that well, so it was very traumatic (for mommy too!).  Our smart little boy remembers that too well, and has a hard time at the doctor now.  He cried the minute he saw the room, then when the nurses came in, then when they measured his head, then when the doctor came in, and so on.  He was just so scared that he was going to be in so much pain again.  Oh just thinking about it makes me sad and angry!

Link likes our doctor though, so he did pretty well showing off for him.  Link told Dr. Khoury that he is one (you ask how old are you, and he holds up 1 finger).  Then he gave Dr. Khoury “five”.  Then the Dr. asked if he played peek-a-boo and Link immediately put his hands over his eyes.  “That answers that” the Dr. said.

Link’s stats: 23 pounds 3 ounces, 30.25 inches tall, and head size was 18.75 inches.

The doctor was very pleased with Link’s vocab (20-25 consistent words and 5-10 sign language words) and everything else!  We talked a little about discipline, and the Dr. said that we might be able to try techniques that are usually for older kids since Link “is smarter than most kids his age”.  That was totally a proud mommy moment!

Two shots, and then the appointment was over.  Even though it was pretty terrifying for the poor boy, he was strong and brave, and recovered quick after the shots.

Then last week was Halloween!  Link is still too little to go out trick-or-treating, but we got him dressed up in his costume and spent the evening at my parent’s house with Justin’s parents also.  Link went as ‘Link’ from Zelda, the video game.

I made the costume, and had a lot of fun doing it!  What a great ‘mommy’ project!  You can see more pictures from Halloween here, including some of Link’s best friend Liam, who was a lion!  The cutest little lion I have ever seen with an adorable mommy lion.

We are now truly in November, and I am just itching to start the Christmas music.  It’s strange because I really have been a Scrooge about buying gifts this year. I don’t want to do it, I just want it to be over with, but yet, I am in the mood for Christmas.  Scrooge is a classic after all, so it isn’t the worst thing to start out the season as.  I will come around, and be the end-of-the-story-Scrooge.

And so the countdowns begin…

1 week until Cities Sampler
2 weeks until Thanksgiving (and I get to see Amy and Collin!!!!!!)
6 weeks until Graduation
7 weeks until Christmas


I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free

I saw this beautiful quote by Michelangelo and I thought of the pregnancy process.  God is taking the time to create my wonderful little child and will introduce us to the babe once it is completely ready.  Even though my hormones are going crazy, I can’t do basic math anymore, and my center of gravity is off, pregnancy has been such a beautiful process.  I am so excited and blessed to be going through this.

Our next doctor appointment is on Wednesday.  I am so excited to see our babe again and to see the growth so far.  I have not been gaining any weight, I am still down about 12 pounds.  I am only slightly concerned, but I want to make sure that babe is growing like it should be.

I am truly over the whole Minnesota winter thing.  I understand that once summer hits, I will be extra hot, but I am more than okay with that.  After our Monday snow, I fell on the sidewalk at work.  While I didn’t get home, and babe seems to be just fine, it sure scared me.  The slipperyness and coldness has stayed way past it’s welcome.  Ironically, it really hasn’t.  We always have snow this long, but this year it’s bugging me especially.

Classes have started up again.  I have class about every other weekend, so this weekend class is on.  I amazingly got all of my reading done, which I sometimes slack off on a bit.

Speaking of reading, there are quite a few times where I completely forget that I am pregnant.  While I am reading is one of those times.  I am guessing this is very normal – you don’t think about anything you are all of the time.  Part of the reason is probably because I am not sure that I am feeling babe move around yet.  There have been no, “YES! That’s it!” moments yet for me.  I am very excited for that, but I am trusting that even though I can’t feel babe, God is caring for us and I will have even more proof of that on Wednesday!

I want to share one final little story.  Due to my pregnancy brain, I forget a lot of things that happen during the journey, but I want to make sure I am remembering them.  Justin, Nikki and I along with Justin’s parents went to Khan’s Mongolian BBQ for lunch one day.  At the end we got our fortune cookies, and the server brought one extra.  We decided that was for the baby, and I picked one and read the baby’s fortune.  I do want to say that while I really enjoy fortunes, I don’t usually take them to heart.  I cracked open the cookie and it read, “You will bring sunshine into someone’s life.”  What a perfect moment that was.  I teared up a bit, making everyone laugh at me, but what a perfect, beautiful, God moment.

Planning the Next Move

I am having the absolute hardest time deciding what I want for my future.  The basic question is: go to grad school or do not.  It seems like it should be a simple decision: go to grad school.  There are just so many more factors to this decision that are making it hard for me.

I have always wanted to be a mom.  Since I was about 3, it was what my plan was for the future.  Be a mom, raise kids, and be happy.  Growing up, that is all I wanted to be, even through college.  I changed my mind about a million times regarding the major I wanted and finally settled on history.  I would absolutely love to work in a museum of sorts sharing history with the world, but I also feel like I would love to be a librarian.  To be a librarian, I need to get a masters.

I want to have kids right now and Justin wants to wait a little longer.  I know that he is right about waiting a little longer.

If I do not go to grad school, our plan would be to start having children in 2-3 years.  If I do go to grad school, we would likely wait 4-5 years.

If I go, we could have more money long term, have the potential to have more children.  If I don’t go, money would be tighter and we wouldn’t have as many kids most likely as I want to have.

If I do not go, there is a chance that I wouldn’t have to work as much but if I go, I wouldn’t want to waste my masters.

If I do go, I add ~$23,000 to my student loan debt.

Every one (mostly) I know is telling me to get my masters.  They tell me to even if they don’t know what the decision is.  I agree that this is the most logical decision, but every time I think more about it, my heart hurts.  I am reminded of the years I would have to wait to hold my child in my arms.  I know 5 years is nothing, but I just am unable to imagine waiting that long.

I feel like God is telling me to go for it, to further my education.  But I am just so scared that it is the wrong decision.

Concerning Life & Love

I graduate in less than 3 months!  HOLY CRAP!  This means I really have to get my act together and finish all of my homework well and quickly.  Psh yeah right.

I love talking to people.  I think I am pretty good at it and I would like to do a lot of it.  Sometimes it is hard for me to talk to people though that I do not have a topic set up for.  For example, at Justin’s family gatherings I am often quiet.

Bringing those last two paragraphs together… I need to start looking for a job.  Although I do not really want to work ever again in my life, I need to.  I really like expensive things!  Every semester when I register for classes (and when I change majors) I have the entire thing figured out perfectly and I usually have back up plans.  My advisors were always very impressed and I barely needed them to figure anything out for me.  that said, I think I would like being a college academic advisor of some sort.  I would love to work at the U doing so, but you need a masters degree.  So I am thinking about trying to find a job at St. Kates or St. Thomas.  (Those schools because if I go there and decide to get my masters, I can take classes at a discount.)

Also, I love Justin!  Being married is really great.  I do not really feel like a Gehring yet though, I still am a Radabaugh.  I am not sure how that mentality changes, or if it will just happen.  And talking to people about “My Husband” is definitely still weird.  It will all feel normal soon enough!

Message to Schoolchildren

I have been going to school for approximately 100 years now.  I began this century of schooling by earning A’s because I was great and didn’t need to study or work hard.  I transitioned into not being able to do that, but the problem was I never learned how to properly study, take tests, or do anything at all.

The moral of the story for all of you still in school is:

  • Go to class
  • Listen and take notes that make sense
  • Read the material sooner than later
  • Do your homework before 10 hours before its due
  • Repeat what you learn however you can- to a friend, to your bunny, or simply by reading it again
  • Don’t suck

The end.