Those who can’t, Blog.

I am worrying today about someone/something that I do not know well, and can do nothing about.  I think this is a character flaw that I have – wearing the weight of the world on my shoulders.  This happens all too often.  When bad things happen, I decide that there was something I could have/should have done to stop it.  I forget that the only thing that I can do, is pray.  God has this all under His control.  I try not to question why He “let” it happen, because that is not true nor does it help.  And because I can not do anything about this situation in particular, I blogged about it instead.

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

I have many hopes and dreams for you.

First and foremost, I hope for you to come into this world healthy.
I want you to open your eyes and see your Mommy and Daddy, and your grandparents, aunts and the many people that already love you.
I hope that you will see beauty in your life.
I hope you never see pain, but knowing this world as I do, you will see pain.  I hope that when that happens, you encounter it with grace and faith.
I dream of your firsts, your onlys, and your manys.
I dream of your faith.  I hope it will be unwavering and steadfast.  I hope you will ask questions and find those answers in God.
I hope you grow up to be a strong person, with a kind heart and a strong mind.

There are so many more things that I hope and dream for you.  This is only a few, and I will tell you more soon.

I do want you to know that no matter what my hopes are for you, I want you to follow your dreams.  I most of all want you to be a happy soul.

I love you.

Your mommy

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give

Boy was I exhausted yesterday!  Typically, Justin and I stay up together until around 11pm and then make our way to bed.  In our evenings we eat dinner, do work, do homework, watch some West Wing, etc.  While we are watching tv I usually cross-stitch or work on a puzzle.  Last night was slightly different.  I went grocery shopping after work and went home and made us dinner.  After that we settled down to watch the West Wing and I grabbed my cross-stitch and a couple of blankets.  I leaned back in the recliner, and that was it for me.  I was out.  Around 11pm I woke up and went to my bed where I crashed again.

I believe falling asleep so early was a good thing.  Usually sometime after dinner I start thinking about what snack I am going to eat at night.  This is not very healthy for a few reasons, the biggest being that you are not supposed to eat too close to bed.  I imagine this is especially true if you spend after dinnertime until bedtime in a recliner.  So instead of eating I slept.

I realized that as hard as my Lenten sacrifice already is, it is going to be much worse in March.  March will bring an Oscar party and my dad’s 50th birthday party.  I can guarantee that at these parties will be chips, delicious chips, with their delicious dips.  Thankfully, I did not give up crackers, pretzels or veggies.  But nevertheless, I am going to be challenged in a different way during those times.  I am looking forward to it 🙂

Today is proving to be a great day so far.  It is snowing outside, but I can tell that the sun is trying to peek through.  I received flowers from the President’s Office first thing at work this morning.  I had time at home to make sandwiches for my lunch and dinner as well as get Justin’s grapes and carrots to his desk.  I have class tonight shortly after work, which I am fully prepared for.  There are many days where I feel like grad school is overwhelming, but I am continually thankful for the chance.

I am continuing to remind myself that everything I do is for God.  Whether it is data entry at work, eating dried apricots instead of popcorn, or cleaning my kitchen, I am doing it for God.  Try to remind yourself of that today when you are doing something frustrating or not fun.  It’s all for God.

Quote by Sir Winston Churchill


As I was facebook stalking just now, I came across a great word of encouragement:

The will of God will never take you where the grace of God won’t protect you.


Excitement and Changes

Now that I am the proud owner of a Bachelor’s Degree, life has been presenting many new challenges! A lot of the time, I feel like I have nothing to do! There is only so much cleaning and cooking that I can do per day!

I am becoming a wife more and more each day. I am prioritizing cleaning our house and learning to cook over watching tv. Speaking of cooking, I am trying to provide us with a variety of meals, even though Justin would be perfectly happy with pizza and pasta every meal!

Now that I do not have any classes or homework, I am trying to keep my brain stimulated. I have been reading a lot and learning about the different positions that I am applying for. I am reading a book right now that I highly recommend! My grandma gave it to me to read. It is called 1,000 White Women by Jim Fergus.  The fact that I love history so much is part of the reason why I like it, but I believe that it would interest many others despite their history passion or lack their of.

While reading the many books that I have going right now, I am more and more interested in becoming a writer someday.  I am trying to come up with a topic that I could write about and turn into many pages!  I would like to start keeping a blog of a topic to see if I could write a lot about it.

Along with reading and writing, I have been looking at completing a Masters to become a librarian.  I feel that I would love this position, and if I wanted to I could complete the degree completely online.

I have an interview on Thursday.  I am a bit nervous, but I have been researching the position along with the company so that I will be completely prepared for it.  I know that it is a tough job market, so I am just going to be myself and show the confidence that I have to do this job!

Speaking of learning and succeeding and changes…

American Idol contestants are so funny!

Sing We Noel

The Christmas season has gone well so far.  One more Christmas present opening to get through.

I will post more on what I received later.  Gifts are my love language so it is always very exciting for me to get them.

I graduated with three As and a B+.  I am so very proud.  Really wanted all As, but I did better than ever!

One thing I would like to share with you is how cute Alabaster, my kitty, is.

We gave him a stocking full of little Christmas toys for him and placed them in his basket.  He then takes them out one at a time and delivers them to different places in the house.  Probably in about a week they will all have disappeared and the basket will be empty.

Cute huh?  Well maybe just to me.