The Free Exercise Thereof

I love the Constitution.  It represents such an amazing part of our history.  Another document I love: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  That one is hanging in my hallway.

These documents have laid the foundation of what our country has become.  I wonder what our founding fathers would think of what the world looks like today, if they would be lost here.

On another note, Christmas is soon to arrive!  The closer it gets to the birth of our Christ, the more I realize all of the things that I am so thankful for and blessed by.

Tomorrow starts my first Christmas.  Justin’s mom’s side is getting together to start off the festivities in the afternoon.  Sunday will be a lieu of events surrounding my grandma’s Christmas.  Monday will start my three day week and on Thursday we will head to Nebraska to see Justin’s dad’s side!

Saturday night will bring an exciting event for Justin’s grandpa Fred.  Polar Arena in North St. Paul is celebrating 40 years, and Fred was one of its founding fathers.  What a great time that will bring.

I want to end my post today I want to say two things.

1. I love Santa.

2. I love Coke Zero.

FTC Disclosure: The Coca-Cola Company did not provide me with any reimbursement for my mention of Coke Zero, except the satisfaction that it brings to my life.