Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun…

Link and I are anxiously awaiting Mr. Sun to come out and shine on us!  We are sick of the cold and snow.  Link can’t say s’s well, so he calls it No! which is a perfect interpretation about how I feel, even though he says it excitedly.  I have been slacking on my exercises, unfortunately, so once it starts to warm up I am determined to have nightly walks with Link, around the neighborhood and to our park.  I will be excited to see how he interacts on the park this year compared to last fall.  It’s just amazing to me how much he is growing and learning.  It is so fun to watch.

Can I have daddy's Pepsi?

Can I have daddy’s Pepsi?

I love to climb on the table!

I love to climb on the table!

Link’s new favorite thing to do, though, is get “in trouble”.  He loves to climb up on the kitchen table, and grab whatever is on there, such as daddy’s soda bottle.  If there is any food left on his highchair, that sits next to the table, he likes to try to get at that also.  One of the problems with this all, is that he is just so darn cute while doing it.  I’ve read a lot about child behavior and discipline, and I’ve been to a couple of classes on it, and I’ve learned some things that help us encourage him to do other things, while not disciplining, per say.  The thing is – he’s 19 months old!  He isn’t really being naughty, or a “bad boy”.  He is just doing what toddlers do.  He is exploring, and testing his boundaries, which is very healthy.  We do have a “take a break” corner, where I set him down and tell him what to do, and then walk away.  This basically just removes him from the situation, which is all we really should be doing at this age.

Overall, we have a very well behaved, happy little boy.

And next week we start Montessori School! I am so very excited for him to start.  I am slightly nervous of course, because it will be a new experience for him (which is good) and a new experience for me (which is the nerve-wracking part).  I think he will just thrive in that environment, and it will help him learn and socialize like a kid his age should.  We are sending him to St. Croix Montessori School.  I have been to this school once, and I really liked it.  I have also heard great things about it.  I just have to finish getting his “school supplies” this weekend.

Justin and I are also trying to do a few more fun family things when we can.  On Sunday night we went to Coldstone for a little ice cream treat.  Link’s favorite things to eat are stringed cheese and blueberries, but he sure does love a bowl of ice cream now and then.  Well, I’m sure he would love a bowl daily, but that just won’t happen! 🙂

Enjoying ice cream with mom and dad!

Enjoying ice cream with mom and dad!

We are 16 weeks now with Baby2.0.  This baby is a bit different than Link was so far.  Not sure if that means anything, just is interesting.  I am still nauseous daily, but I did discover last night that Life Cereal was an amazing cure.  We don’t really talk about the baby much with Lincoln yet.  It’s too much of a wait to start getting him ready, but when he decides it’s time to bounce on mommy’s tummy, I do tell him that he can’t because of the baby in my tummy.  He thinks the baby is a girl, and that we should name her Big Girl.  I’m pretty sure that name won’t stick.  2.5 more weeks until we find out if baby is a she or he.  We will likely make that news public, but not the name.  We are going to keep that part a secret!

Celebrating Lent in the offseason

I started reading my February 2010 posts on this blog, actually completely by accident.  I wanted to read the 2011 ones, but I clicked the wrong button.  It brought me to the last time that I celebrated Lent with all of my heart.  I had given up some food vices and had taken up talking with God.  This was a beautiful time and I enjoyed reading it.  It was exactly what I needed to hear today.

Even though I have upped my exercising and my attitude is toward getting healthy, I haven’t been living it.  I have been eating for comfort way too often.  In my dark moments, I should be looking to God for help and comfort instead of Cheetohs.

It was just a simple, good reminder to look to God instead of idols.


Link is just about 11 months old, and is still nursing as often as possible (depending on my work schedule).  He has been exclusively fed breast milk since his 1st week of life.  He had some formula right when he was born due to his traumatic birth, and had some the first couple days of life because of his extreme trouble latching and I decided my very hungry, weak baby needed food.

Together, Link and I worked incredibly hard to make sure he had breastmilk.  Starting with me pumping and him drinking from a bottle, to us using a nipple shield to get him to latch, to finally him latching after a few weeks of life and them continuing to be a rockstar nurser ever since.

Once we figured out Link’s allergies to soy and dairy, I went off those proteins completely so that I could give Link the source of nourishment that I felt was best for him – breastmilk.  I started this breastfeeding journey with a goal of nursing him for a year, and that was before we had all of the issues.  I have continued to hold that goal despite how “easy” it would be to stop.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends “exclusive breastfeeding for about 6 months, followed by continued breastfeeding as complementary foods are introduced, with continuation of breastfeeding for 1 year or longer as mutually desired by mother and infant.”  Link’s doctor thinks it’s great that he gets breastmilk for a year.

So it really makes me mad when I look for sources on weaning to help us with the transition once he turns one, and they make me feel like a loser mom.  Continually I find sources that say “if you MUST wean him for your own reasons”, “if you have to wean him before he’s ready”, blah blah blah.  I feel like I have done an incredible job providing a healthy start for my son, and if I decide that it’s best for me, my son, and my family to stop after he hits one, I shouldn’t be made to feel like I’m being a bad mom.  It’s not like I’m going to stop and say, “no more mommy milk, have a Happy Meal”!  I will continue to feed him the healthiest choices for meals, and will work with his doctor to make sure he is getting the nutrients he needs.

Yes, I understand that if I breastfeed him until he’s “ready” to wean, that he will be getting a great source of nourishment, and a great source of comfort.  But I believe that I can provide him with comfort, nourishment, and everything else he needs without the use of my boobs.

Food for your Thoughts

In a couple of weeks, Lincoln will be 6 months old already!  I just love watching him grow and change!  We will be starting to feed him solids after his doctor appointment, and I plan to make his food myself.  That way I can watch the ingredients, save money, and hopefully give him a healthier start!  So far I have received some great advice about doing this, and I look forward to talking with other moms about best practices!

I welcome advice!

Here is a photo of Link from this weekend.  We were at the mall with Grandma Jill, and he was sitting right in his stroller (instead of in the carseat hooked to the stroller).  He looks like such a big boy!  He enjoyed sitting and looking around, but mostly enjoyed eating the strap of his stroller!

Living a Free Life

And what do I mean by free?  I mean dairy and soy free!  Through a course of many doctor appointments with our pediatrician, trying dairy free, an incredible amount of vaseline and desitin, and a trip to the GI specialist, we found out that Link has a transitional allergy to soy and dairy.  This means that this breastfeeding mama cannot eat anything with soy or dairy in it.  I’ve been on this track now for about a month, and so far so okay.

I love cheese. And I like ice cream.  And all other food that I might possibly enjoy in my life, most likely has soy and dairy in it.  There are 2 great things about this new “diet” though: 1) I am shedding the pounds, and am wearing clothes that I haven’t been able to in years.  2) It’s for Lincoln, who I love more than anything else, so how could I not do it?

Watching Lincoln suffer through about 2 months of bleeding and discomfort was horrible.  We had a tough enough time beginning our breastfeeding journey together, and this was just another hurdle for us to jump.  I could have chosen to switch to a special formula, but I really felt like breastfeeding was the best choice for our family.  And after reading a book called Spilled Milk, I felt even stronger about continuing.  And what’s a little loss of foods I like?  At the most, I want to do this for a year, which means 7.5 more months of non dairy/soy.  This would be doable for anyone.  This is easy as Lincoln’s mom.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free

I saw this beautiful quote by Michelangelo and I thought of the pregnancy process.  God is taking the time to create my wonderful little child and will introduce us to the babe once it is completely ready.  Even though my hormones are going crazy, I can’t do basic math anymore, and my center of gravity is off, pregnancy has been such a beautiful process.  I am so excited and blessed to be going through this.

Our next doctor appointment is on Wednesday.  I am so excited to see our babe again and to see the growth so far.  I have not been gaining any weight, I am still down about 12 pounds.  I am only slightly concerned, but I want to make sure that babe is growing like it should be.

I am truly over the whole Minnesota winter thing.  I understand that once summer hits, I will be extra hot, but I am more than okay with that.  After our Monday snow, I fell on the sidewalk at work.  While I didn’t get home, and babe seems to be just fine, it sure scared me.  The slipperyness and coldness has stayed way past it’s welcome.  Ironically, it really hasn’t.  We always have snow this long, but this year it’s bugging me especially.

Classes have started up again.  I have class about every other weekend, so this weekend class is on.  I amazingly got all of my reading done, which I sometimes slack off on a bit.

Speaking of reading, there are quite a few times where I completely forget that I am pregnant.  While I am reading is one of those times.  I am guessing this is very normal – you don’t think about anything you are all of the time.  Part of the reason is probably because I am not sure that I am feeling babe move around yet.  There have been no, “YES! That’s it!” moments yet for me.  I am very excited for that, but I am trusting that even though I can’t feel babe, God is caring for us and I will have even more proof of that on Wednesday!

I want to share one final little story.  Due to my pregnancy brain, I forget a lot of things that happen during the journey, but I want to make sure I am remembering them.  Justin, Nikki and I along with Justin’s parents went to Khan’s Mongolian BBQ for lunch one day.  At the end we got our fortune cookies, and the server brought one extra.  We decided that was for the baby, and I picked one and read the baby’s fortune.  I do want to say that while I really enjoy fortunes, I don’t usually take them to heart.  I cracked open the cookie and it read, “You will bring sunshine into someone’s life.”  What a perfect moment that was.  I teared up a bit, making everyone laugh at me, but what a perfect, beautiful, God moment.