If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.

Sometimes I think that I walk wrong.  When I am walking for exercise, I don’t get shin splints and I don’t get sore muscles too often, but the outsides of my ankles hurt.  I do not know why that is, but I am convinced that all of my life, I have been doing something so normal the wrong way.

Justin made microwave popcorn the other night.  It killed me, and I in turn wanted to kill him.  Now, I would never do that of course.  It is just popcorn.  But I am obviously still craving that which I cannot have.  I think that is somewhat a good thing.  If I wasn’t longing for it, it wouldn’t be a sacrifice.  For example, when I was younger and Lent came around, I would try to give up things that I rarely encountered or that I didn’t like anyways.  I would give up meatloaf and homework.  Of course I want to not eat meatloaf and not do homework!  That was not a sacrifice for God.  And I was bound to fail – I had to do my homework!

I have worked out everyday this week so far, both indoors and out.  This is the first time in a very long time that I have worked out four days in a row, and I am hoping to continue.  Thankfully, God has blessed us with a few beautiful days to be outside.  Today is a not so beautiful day, but that just means wear warmer clothes outside!

My Lent goals have been transforming since the beginning.  I started out by giving up two food items that I LOVE!  Then I wanted to start trying to eat healthier meal options, and then add in exercise.  So far I have been doing awesome at it.  My biggest problem though, is convincing myself that I do not have to have a snack after dinner.  It is a very bad habit that I have long held, and will be a difficult one to break.  I don’t imagine that I will do so by April 4th, but I am hoping to do so more and more.

Here’s to a continued journey!

Quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt

The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards.

An amazing thing has happened while I have been trying to find something to fill my cravings – I have stopped craving!  I honestly did not think that I would stop wanting chips and popcorn when I am hungry or in the mood to eat.  Which is dumb, because I want to want it!  Now at night, I eat crap less.  I sometimes still do eat something but not because I am hungry, but because I just think that I should be eating.  The great thing about this is that I have started to recognize the difference between being hungry and just wanted to eat something.  I have never been able to do this before.  I am also choosing and wanting to eat healthier options.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still eating crap way too often, but not as often as before.

While this great thing for me has happened because of giving things up for Lent, it has not caused me to focus on God as much as I wanted it to.  God does asks us “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.”  I feel that when I make wise decisions about how I treat my body, when I eat right and exercise, I am treating the body that God lent me with respect and that I am recognizing Him in my life.

The goal now for the rest of Lent for me is not only to continue doing what I have been doing along with exercising, but to also recognize exactly why I am making these choices.  When I prepare my breakfast/lunch/dinner in the morning, I want to think about the fact that God grew those strawberries and cucumbers for me to eat, He used His people to plant the ingredients that make the hummus and wheat bread, He gave me the animals that were sacrificed for my turkey and salami, and He gave me my beautiful hands to put it all together into a meal.  When I drive to work I will thank Him for the incredible sunrise/rain/snow that I am driving through.  When I am working I will appreciate every moment because so many are not working.  When I am walking on the treadmill, instead of complaining I will praise THE LORD that I have legs that move when my brain tells them to.  When I lay my head down at night I will realize how blessed I am for the wonderful man laying next to me and for the perfect cat purring on my pillow.

And at this moment, in the class that I should be paying attention in, while I am typing on my Mac, I am in awe of His creations, His blessings, and the amazing days that He gives to me.

Quote by Arthur Koestler

Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn’t have to do it himself.

This weekend was definitely a challenging one for a couple of reasons.  First, a bag of chips kept falling off the top of the fridge saying, “Eat me eat me!”  I didn’t.  Second, my aunt made the best dip ever and the chips were sitting next to it saying, “I am way better than the celery option!”  I ate the celery.  I am actually fairly proud of myself for being so strong but I know that it wasn’t just me keeping me strong.  I had a lot of help from the big guy upstairs.

I am feeling almost 100% healthy this week, but I am starting it off tired.  It will again be a full week and weekend, so I am hoping to get some quality me time as well and me-and-Justin time, but that doesn’t always work out.

Church Council is tonight.  I really enjoy it, but there are always some challenging moments.  When we talk a lot about money and policy it is hard for me to remember that we are doing God’s work and His will is always done.  I cannot forget that first I need to pray and then I can make wise decisions.

As far as the Oscars last night, I was surprised by some of the winners and came away with many more movies that I should watch.  Before last night, I had no desire to watch Precious, but I might want to, and I definitely want to see The Blind Side.  I may watch The Hurt Locker, but it is not a top priority.  I loved Sandra Bullock’s speech and Jeff Bridges’.

Along with trying to eat healthier, I am going to dedicate time in my days this week to exercise.  I haven’t stayed consistent enough doing so, and I know that when I do, I feel so much more alive.

It’s all in God’s hands.

Quote by A.H. Weiler

Solitary Confinement

Half an hour left before my first church council meeting! I know that I will have a lot to offer, and hopefully it will all make sense, but I am still a bit nervous. I think it is because I am the youngest member to sit on the council, maybe ever! Plus, I am just not sure what to fully expect. I will know soon enough!

Justin and I played Tetris for awhile Saturday.  It was a lot of fun, and we ranked ourselves 9th in the world on the Tetris tournament.  Pretty good if I do say so myself!  John came over the next day and he and Justin beat our ranking, but I still felt worthy for awhile!

I am heading to the gym tonight after council, hopefully with Lindsey!  It will be 3 of my necessary 12 visits this month.  I am planning on more than twelve, but it is a great thing for me if I make it that many times!  I also need to start working on not eating in the evening.

I finished the 1,000 White Women book that I recommended by Jim Fergus.  It was incredibly amazing.  I liked it so much that I went out and purchased his next book, Wild Girl.  I recommend this one also.  They are especially great books to read if you have any interest in Native American life and culture.

One last piece of advice, I downloaded this great solitaire game for my Mac the other day.  You can get it at www.lavacat.com.  It amazes me the way programs run on Macs!