Politics and Groceries

Justin and I continually have a debate over voting.  Now that we are married and are actively watching the election coverage together, I want to make sure that we vote the same way.  This way, we are not cancelling each other’s votes out.  If Justin wanted to vote for the opposite candidate as I do because of strong political reasons, then I would understand that.  But Justin wants to vote for Colbert.  I feel that in our day and age, you need to vote, and you need to vote for a Democrat or a Republican.  If you feel strongly about a third party candidate then vote for them, but if you do not have a preference, at least vote for the one you dislike the least.  Justin thinks that voting for someone who isn’t running, or even himself, it is sending a statement.  I just think that the point it sends isn’t enough of one to waste your vote.

Justin and I grocery shopped together for real for the first time tonight.  He drives me crazy!! He has to compare price per ounce on everything!  It is kind of cute I guess, jsut time consuming.  But I loved the time we spent together!  I love being married!