the music is in me

The Christmas music season has begun for me.  And thank goodness!  It was about time.  Christmas music makes me happy and this time of year I need all of the happy I can get.

This time of the year every year, I get sad.  Maybe I get SAD?  Either way, I find it hard to stay happy.  This year though, I have a bouncy, smiley, silly little 16 month old who brings me such joy that it balances out the harder moments.  For this, I am so thankful.  Besides it being this time of year, I also have a lot on my plate.  Work is busy, which is good.  School is busy, which is mostly good.  I have a great workout schedule, but it makes my Tuesdays and Wednesday last from 5am-10pm.  6am-9:30pm of that is away from my house.

I am trying to schedule into my crazy schedule more “loved on” time.  This includes family time and friend time.  I am grateful to have friends who don’t mind meeting me after 8pm, when Link is asleep.  I don’t want to take away any more time than I already do from him.

Justin and I out at a wedding sans Link.

The new photos on our living room wall. They bring me great joy!

A sleepy boy after many Thanksgiving activities.

Video of our little drummer boy. He loves to play the drums!

I am getting more and more excited for Christmastime though.  I have purchased most of our gifts online (thank you Amazon!)  I am excited to head to Nebraska and spend more time with that family.

And so… the countdown continues!

19 days until Christmas 2012.1: Justin’s mom’s side
20 days until Christmas 2012.2: Justin’s immediate family – Pat, Ron, Justin, Link, Amy, Collin, me (this date?)
24 days until I graduate!
25 days until Christmas 2012.3: My immediate family – Mom, Dad, Justin, Link, Ashley, Peter, me
26 days until Christmas 2012.4: My mom’s side
27 days until we head to Nebraska to begin Christmas 2012.5: Justin’s dad’s side

Eesh.  🙂

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