Food for your Thoughts

In a couple of weeks, Lincoln will be 6 months old already!  I just love watching him grow and change!  We will be starting to feed him solids after his doctor appointment, and I plan to make his food myself.  That way I can watch the ingredients, save money, and hopefully give him a healthier start!  So far I have received some great advice about doing this, and I look forward to talking with other moms about best practices!

I welcome advice!

Here is a photo of Link from this weekend.  We were at the mall with Grandma Jill, and he was sitting right in his stroller (instead of in the carseat hooked to the stroller).  He looks like such a big boy!  He enjoyed sitting and looking around, but mostly enjoyed eating the strap of his stroller!

Those who can’t, Blog.

I am worrying today about someone/something that I do not know well, and can do nothing about.  I think this is a character flaw that I have – wearing the weight of the world on my shoulders.  This happens all too often.  When bad things happen, I decide that there was something I could have/should have done to stop it.  I forget that the only thing that I can do, is pray.  God has this all under His control.  I try not to question why He “let” it happen, because that is not true nor does it help.  And because I can not do anything about this situation in particular, I blogged about it instead.