Traveling with an Infant

For Christmas this year, Justin, Lincoln and I will be traveling to Nebraska to visit Justin’s family.  A handful of them have met Link already, but many have not.  I am so very excited to see them all and introduce them to the newest Gehring!

The drive normally takes 8 hours, but with Link I’m assuming 10ish.  We will need to stop and feed him every so often, and as a nursing mom, I prefer to stop somewhere comfortable where I can nurse him either in a restaurant or in the car.  This will take about a half hour each time, hopefully we can make just 2 stops.  I’m assuming sometime during the trip Lincoln will poop 🙂  I will not leave him sitting in that, so we will need to stop and change him.  We do hope he will nap most of the time, as the car usually puts him to sleep.

Along with the driving, traveling also entails sleeping in a hotel.  We will be bringing the pack n play along, which he is used to sleeping in.

I will provide new toys for him that he hasn’t seen before.

For me personally, I’m planning to bring foods I can eat.  I love Nebraska cooking, but I will likely not be able to eat any of it this year.

Any advice for traveling with Lincoln this year?

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