The Hiccups

Our world has changed in ways I never could have imagined. These are the most exciting changes though that I have ever experienced.  The baby blues are tapering off and Justin and I are finding our rhythm with Link.  We have been getting up together at night and taking care of him together.  Since breastfeeding still isn’t working, I pump while Justin feeds him, and then I will change his diaper and swaddle him to sleep.  Justin usually gets back up one to seven 🙂 times to put his pacifier back in his mouth while Link is trying to fall asleep.  The last two nights have been fairly nice, Link has slept in his crib the entire night instead of in his bouncy chair like he had the previous couple of nights.  It’s a beautiful chaos.

I was excited to spend the day yesterday just me and Link, while Justin was working downstairs.  Unfortunately that didn’t work out.  I developed a horrible pain in my stomach and had my mom come over and help us out.  We went to the Dr. later to find out that I have an infection in my uterus, so I have to be on antibiotics for the next 10 days.  That caused quite the inconvenience for me, especially because Justin’s family is in town this weekend.

Either way, life is not always predictable and rarely can we schedule it.  I have to remember that God is always in control, and things happen for a reason.

There are a few great things so far (besides all of the amazing and wonderful things about being a mom and having a beautiful child) that I have found since giving birth.  First, I weigh less than I did before I was pregnant, in fact it’s less than I have in a couple of years.  Second, I have my sexy ankles back instead of the elephant feet I had for the last 3 months.  And third, if I ever had any confusion about connecting the child that was in my belly to the child that I gave birth to, the hiccups he gets daily are the exact same as the hiccups he used to get constantly in my tummy.

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