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I have been horrible at updating my site, but awesome at resisting my temptations during Lent!  It is true that I have sometimes found other things to eat when I feel a craving for chips or popcorn, but I am trying to eat a small portion of something or just eat nothing at all.  It is continually a struggle, especially when Justin makes popcorn and I smell it!  I am surprised at how quickly it is going though.  I still have the long part ahead of me, just under a month left now.

I am looking forward to this weekend, and am very glad that it is Friday.  I have a wedding shower to go to tomorrow.  I loved my showers, but I am glad that I do not have to partake in them anymore!  I love receiving gifts, but do not love that everyone watches and that I have to make sure and socialize with everyone.  Tomorrow I will be able to enjoy the party in a different way.  On Sunday I have an Oscar Party to go to that I am looking forward to.  Then back to work on Monday!

Justin and I have planned our summer vacation that we are taking in July.  We are taking a road trip to South Dakota and back through North Dakota.  I never enjoyed road trips when I was younger, but Justin and I do really well on them.  I am looking so forward to this time spent with him, alone!

At church we are in the middle of a series called Along the Way.  It has been a great series to be in during Lent.  While not every message in the series relates to me yet, or maybe just does not reach out to me right now, it has helped me remember that life is a journey, the path to God is a journey, and with every step I take I am making a choice: follow God today or not.  I hope that I always choose to follow Him, but I am glad to know that if I take the wrong step, I can ask for His forgiveness and do better the next time.

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