Christmas 2009.1

Our first Christmas of the year was spent with Justin’s mom’s side of the family last night.  It is so great to get together at the end of the year to reminisce about what has happened and what we are looking forward to.

In the past year we have added a new baby to the family as well as a new marriage.  Justin’s cousin John and his new wife Kayla welcomed baby MaKenna into our family in June.  It is so exciting to watch her grow even though we do not get to see them very often.

We were able to talk about Justin’s cousins Chrissy & Nikki’s new house and discuss new jobs, college paths, and futures.  What a great time!

I was blessed with fantastic gifts from everyone.  Receiving gifts is my primary love language, so you can imagine how wonderful Christmas is to me.  Along with some gift cards, money, and jewelry, I received the DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons, Bones Season 4 and You’ve Got Mail.

We are now on our way to Christmases 2009.2-2009.4!  More about those soon!