For God so loved the world…

I really enjoyed the church sermon today. We are focusing on questions to ask during Lent at our church. (You can read all about them here.)  This week was focusing on the truths of God, and how important it is to understand the correct truths.

Pastor Nadasdy was preaching in Genesis, which is always exciting for me because I always get something out of his sermons.  Today that was especially true.  Although the entire sermon was interesting and caused me to think about things a bit deeper, there was one truth that stood out.

Pastor Nadasdy said that one of the crucial truths about God is that He loves the world (as stated in John 3.16-“For God so loved the world…”)  I had always said or read that passage and brushed it off as a ‘duh’ kind of sentence.  Of course He loves the world!  Otherwise He wouldn’t have sent Jesus to save us!  But God doesn’t just love the world… He loves those people that we don’t.  He loves those who murder, who swear, who just rub you the wrong way, and those who you think are too different from you to care about.

That alone was amazing to me, and then Pastor said “So should the church love the world.”  OH WOW!!!  It is amazing to me how the world could change if the church demonstrated that love to God’s people.  What would it be like if the church welcomed in homosexual people, people of different faiths, those who have shown hate against the church!  I am not saying that the church has to agree with everyone’s actions or lifestyles, but everyone is a child of God no matter what and they deserve to be shown the love that we would show a member of our church.

The world could be such a wonderful place if the church could show that love.  So many more people would see God for what He has done for us, for who He is, and for the friend He wants to be without being blinded by problems with the ‘church’.

Hopefully we can become more like God everyday.  I know I am going to start trying harder!

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