Concerning Life & Love

I graduate in less than 3 months!  HOLY CRAP!  This means I really have to get my act together and finish all of my homework well and quickly.  Psh yeah right.

I love talking to people.  I think I am pretty good at it and I would like to do a lot of it.  Sometimes it is hard for me to talk to people though that I do not have a topic set up for.  For example, at Justin’s family gatherings I am often quiet.

Bringing those last two paragraphs together… I need to start looking for a job.  Although I do not really want to work ever again in my life, I need to.  I really like expensive things!  Every semester when I register for classes (and when I change majors) I have the entire thing figured out perfectly and I usually have back up plans.  My advisors were always very impressed and I barely needed them to figure anything out for me.  that said, I think I would like being a college academic advisor of some sort.  I would love to work at the U doing so, but you need a masters degree.  So I am thinking about trying to find a job at St. Kates or St. Thomas.  (Those schools because if I go there and decide to get my masters, I can take classes at a discount.)

Also, I love Justin!  Being married is really great.  I do not really feel like a Gehring yet though, I still am a Radabaugh.  I am not sure how that mentality changes, or if it will just happen.  And talking to people about “My Husband” is definitely still weird.  It will all feel normal soon enough!