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Justin and I continually have a debate over voting.  Now that we are married and are actively watching the election coverage together, I want to make sure that we vote the same way.  This way, we are not cancelling each other’s votes out.  If Justin wanted to vote for the opposite candidate as I do because of strong political reasons, then I would understand that.  But Justin wants to vote for Colbert.  I feel that in our day and age, you need to vote, and you need to vote for a Democrat or a Republican.  If you feel strongly about a third party candidate then vote for them, but if you do not have a preference, at least vote for the one you dislike the least.  Justin thinks that voting for someone who isn’t running, or even himself, it is sending a statement.  I just think that the point it sends isn’t enough of one to waste your vote.

Justin and I grocery shopped together for real for the first time tonight.  He drives me crazy!! He has to compare price per ounce on everything!  It is kind of cute I guess, jsut time consuming.  But I loved the time we spent together!  I love being married!

5 thoughts on “Politics and Groceries

  1. voting colbert doesn’t send a message. him and the other 12 people that vote colbert make up .000003% of the voting populace. that’s the same percent as 4 inches is across the entire continental united states. his vote matters (elections have come down to hundreds of votes, as we saw in 2000), but not enough to make a statement. he’s not going to get a newspaper article written up about his vote. besides, if you were in the position to react to said statement, what would you do? it’s not like anything can change.

    well, except instant runoff voting. of which i am a proponent. 🙂 in his defense, voting colbert is not canceling out anyone’s vote. but i’d rather sleep in. same message, if any.

    sorry, i have been failing at my previous goals of not becoming too political.

    also, you got a new blog theme!

    and lastly, http://xkcd.com/309/

  2. I’m not sure I said I would vote Colbert with 100% certaintity… although I must admit I would consider it. I think my whole point is this: I want her decision to be hers, and mine to be mine… Voting for McCain or Obama because they are the only 2 options sounds like a bad deal to me.

    The funny part is… you’ll get a lot more than 12. Just think, if Colbert can win a local election without trying… what if he could win running for president :-).


    And since we are sharing comics:

  3. That’s true, it would be more than 12, no, I give you that.

    Secondly, yes, I think people’s votes should be their own.

    And frankly, I’ve been thinking about it for the past day or so, and I’ve started to think you have a point (Justin). If you truly don’t like either candidate, voting for someone who isn’t one of those candidates is doing a few things
    1) showing that you care enough to vote
    2) showing that you didn’t like either candidate
    3) isn’t canceling out anyone’s vote who actually prefers one over the other.

    It’s not really a message. Well, yeah, I don’t know. I think I’m changing my mind on the issue. I’m not sure. Points (1) and (2) seem sort of like your rationale as I understand it.

    I started thinking about this more in the context of Instant Runoff Voting (which I seem to be considering off and on quite frequently), and dang, I think that would be the end of present-day politics as we know them. The party system would slowly start to crumble if people could vote for independents or third-party candidates and not feel like their vote didn’t count.

  4. Such an interesting conversation you have started, Amber Jill. First, I believe Justin is just teasing you a bit, or as he said, encouraging you as an individual. I believe that every vote counts therefore voting opposite doesn’t cancel each other out. That said, if you find out your husband is voting the opposite party you could do what I do with your dad. Lock him in the closet on election day.

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