Benefit Analysis

I have been working on doing better with a lot of things for a long time.  This semester I wanted to get straight As, get in shape, yadda yadda.  It is hard to stay motivated, especially when you go to bed one night prepared to be different in the morning but it doesn’t happen.

Anyways, I realize that changing has to happen with a certain mindset, goals, accountability, and time.  I think working with there guidelines need to be my first step in making some personal changes that will help me be a better me.  Also, I need to remember during this process that I am human, I am beautiful as I am, I will fail, and I cannot do it alone.

The key is, that I do have trouble remembering all the time, is God.  He needs to be my constant companion and partner in this process.

BTW, as much as laundry isn’t fun, I really like doing it.  It makes me feel like a wife.

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