Marriage and Weather

It rained today.  I was sad.  The funny thing is, I really like the rain!  One thing that I know about me is that my mood is affected by the weather.  I really wish it wasn’t, and I am not sure how to change it.  But at least I know that if I am sad, and the weather isn’t nice, that’s probably why.  My mom says to take vitamin D!

There is one thing that I didn’t fully realize before I got married about Justin.  Justin can wake up at 7am and start working and not stop until he goes to bed at 3am.  I knew he worked a lot, but I didn’t really know how much.  The scary thing is that he works less now.  I want him to work.  He needs to work, and I know he loves what he does.  We spend time together watching tv shows we like to watch and eating dinner usually.  I don’t know what else we are supposed to do that doesn’t cost money and doesn’t feel like a waste of time to either of us.  The thing that frustrates me is that I work and go to school, and why can’t he work while I do those things?  I know that the answer is that as a programmer, you cannot schedule the best time to code.  It just happens.  It is hard trying to find a good balance between spending time together and working and I think we are trying to do that.  (But maybe it is just me that is trying to do that and he is perfectly happy.)

One thought on “Marriage and Weather

  1. Marriage is a lot of work and a huge adjustment, especially the first year. Daddy and I learned four things that if we both worked on allowed us to have a great balance.
    1. Date Night
    This happens once per week. Leaving the house is key and you can go pretty cheap if you are creative. We used to take turns planning date night.

    2. Be more demonstrative.
    Non-sexual hugs kisses (especially when coming and going). A stroke of the hair, holding hands… You get it.

    3. Do nice things for each other.
    Hidden love notes, make a meal, buy a little gift, wash the car…

    4. Spend 15 minutes together every day face to face
    just talking about how each of you are doing. No talk of family business or money, just how you are doing personally.

    I love you Amber Jill!

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