Season Premiere

I wanted to let you all know that I have been a little bit happier the last few days.  A few things have helped me have some great days.

I went shopping!  I spent too much money on things that I didn’t really need but shopping always brightens the spirits.

Amy came into town!  I love my family, my parents, and my sister so much but there is nothing like seeing someone I truly love after not seeing her for awhile.

My husband has spent a lot of time with me helping me through my fears and concerns.

I have gotten a lot of great advice from people.  My cousin Crystal mentioned something about yoga which I think would be a great idea.  Also, my mom suggested that I start trying the recipes people gave me for my showers.  I want to try one once a week, which is really exciting and gives me something to try to be good at.

One of the things that concerns me is that winter is coming.  I get very gloomy with winter, but I have some new boots and jackets that should keep me a bit cheery!

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