Elephants and Circus Clowns

For my mom’s 43rd birthday, she wanted to attend the circus with my dad, my sister and me.  I had been to the circus one other time that I can remember, and I remember it being the best experience ever.  Being older and wiser now, there were many things that brought me unrest while attending the circus.

The major problems that I had with the circus was watching how the animals were treated.  I am a huge animal lover, but not such that I will go stand outside the circus and picket their treatment of the animals.  I was incredibly amazed though when the bears came out.  They were so well trained that my mom and sister did not believe my dad and I when we told them that they were not humans in bear suits– they were actually bears!  The best way that I could describe the sight of these bears were that they looked like retarded humans.  That may sound insensitive, but watching them being led around reminded me of a person who is handicapped or developmentally disabled.

After seeing the bears, I was unsure of how I felt about the circus after that.  I am not sure if the bears and animals are happy in the circus or if they are treated cruelly.  I am sure I will never really know.

One thought on “Elephants and Circus Clowns

  1. Well, I can’t speak for all circuses in the world. However, the ones in the United States usually keep good care of their animals.

    There are local, state, and federal regulations on the standards of care for animals both in zoo / circus environments. The regulations are very rigid and encompass everything from preventative care to space requirements to exercise plans. Before a circus is set up, local veterinarian specialists are contacted and placed on-call in the event that an animal needs medical attention.

    I can’t say I’ve seen any of this first-hand, but I’ve read about it from people who regulate the Ringley Brother’s circus. Therefore, I think the standard of care is kept consistent across the board for all the traveling circuses in the U.S.

    Hope this helps your worries some ! 🙂

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