Elephants and Circus Clowns

For my mom’s 43rd birthday, she wanted to attend the circus with my dad, my sister and me.  I had been to the circus one other time that I can remember, and I remember it being the best experience ever.  Being older and wiser now, there were many things that brought me unrest while attending the circus.

The major problems that I had with the circus was watching how the animals were treated.  I am a huge animal lover, but not such that I will go stand outside the circus and picket their treatment of the animals.  I was incredibly amazed though when the bears came out.  They were so well trained that my mom and sister did not believe my dad and I when we told them that they were not humans in bear suits– they were actually bears!  The best way that I could describe the sight of these bears were that they looked like retarded humans.  That may sound insensitive, but watching them being led around reminded me of a person who is handicapped or developmentally disabled.

After seeing the bears, I was unsure of how I felt about the circus after that.  I am not sure if the bears and animals are happy in the circus or if they are treated cruelly.  I am sure I will never really know.