The New Me

Legally you can sign your name anyway you want to, as long as it is the same on all of your legal documents.  This is the reason that people can be a symbol, or they could even sign themselves Mickey Mouse.

So in 209 days, I am going to become Amber Jill Gehring.  I will need to get all new documents including a new social security card.

Once I learned that I could sign my name any way possible all those years ago, I decided that I wanted to do this, to have a completely unexpected signature, and to basically be a different person every time I sign my name.

All this said, I have no idea what word I should use!  So I need suggestions!

The Writers’ Strike

I am very sick of this strike going on in Hollywood. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not anti union, but I am not pro union either. What I am is pro-my-tv-shows. I very much enjoy watching my shows after a long night of work or a long day of school. That really is all I have to say about this.

To Morning Good You

I am starting off my day today meeting the beautiful Steph Schwecke for lunch at Panera.  I have not seen her in awhile now, nor have I been to Panera in awhile!  I love staying in touch with friends that I am not able to see as often as I used to.  Friends are one of those beautiful things in life that you can always count on.

After lunch I may go get my nails done or something else random.  Then this evening I am having dinner with my wonderful cousin Tina!  Who I also have not seen in too long.  Today is just full of great dates!

I must go to bed very early tonight, because I have a test at 730am tomorrow morning.  This is my first real teacher test, the Praxis I.  I hope to do well!

I must do shower now, otherwise my dates will run away from me 🙂

Back in the Game

Justin has been driving me crazy telling me that I need to start blogging again. So here I go!

The nice thing about this new admin thingy is that I can blog when I feel like it and timestamp them to post when I want them to.

Christmas was really good. I had many good Christmases with family. I spent time in Nebraska with Justin’s family which was a lot of fun. It always is, and I really love getting to know them better.

School starts again on Monday. I am pretty excited about that because I always like starting new classes.  As with every semester, I have big dreams!  I want to get all As, attend 90% of my classes, and remember the material after the class is over.  Hopefully this semester I can do that, and I think the key to my success is flashcards.

I really hope to keep up with my reading during classes, work, and church.  I bought around 11 books this break, and I have not read enough of them yet.

Anyways, I should be blogging more often, but no promises!