Review of 27 Dresses

My mom and I went and saw 27 Dresses last week.  It was a really cute chick flick and definitely one that should be seen.  It is not a movie that you need to see in the theatre though.

I find Katherine Heigl to be a great actress, and even though her movies aren’t necessarily Oscar worthy, she does well in them.  Another actress that is in the movie is Judy Greer.  I find her to be very entertaining and she has been in many movies, but never the main actress.

My favorite part of the movie was at the end where she has a short inner monologue.  Definitely pay attention to that.

The real issue I had with the movie was the extras.  The people they casted as extras in the movie were HORRIBLE!  Watch them, especially if you are dragged along to the movie with your g/f.  They are so bad it is very entertaining.