Traffic and Weather

I maybe should be posting wedding information on, but I seem to be lacking things to talk about on here, especially since it is almost 4am, so I will mention a few things.

I wrote that we got our DJ, which is very exciting.  We have also been working on flowers, guest list, honeymoon and other various things.  It is very exciting for me, and for Justin too if he was capable of excitement.

I have been having shooting pains in my head for awhile now, and I had a physical yesterday.  My doc referred me to go see a neurologist, so I will be doing that soon.  When I know if anything is wrong, I will be sure to write so.

I like the design my website has now, but it is just a template.  Hopefully Justin and I can work on a new personalized site.  Justin?

I really must go to bed now seeing as I have things to do tomorrow.

Last note: Nikki is back and I am so glad cause I miss her like crazy!

One thought on “Traffic and Weather

  1. I’m back from where?! I’m not back… Oh… back from New Orleans? Yeah, that’s true… Soon I’ll be back in the land of 10,000+ lakes… soon… *sigh*

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