The Life of Amber: Season 22

Justin introduced me to the new MacBookAir.  It is an amazing seeming computer and I would really like to have it.  The only bad thing about it is that there is no interchangeable battery or anything like that… meaning that if I run out of battery power without an outlet, I am screwed.  I do not need a new laptop, but mine is getting old, and it would be nice to have a new one soon.

I find it funny when actors change in a show.  For example, I am watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 3.  The episode is the one where Addison goes to Oceanside Wellness Center.  The actress that plays Naomi in this episode is one person but a new person plays Naomi now.  I like the new one better, it is just weird.

I started my classes on Monday.  I have six of them, the seventh starting in March.  They are going to be incredibly difficult and challenging.  Despite that, I hope to do well and learn very much about God, history, and education.