Challenges to eBay

Last night I was participating in an auction to buy something off of eBay. As with all auctions, one person wins and the rest lose. Having someone bid at the last moment is something that is always possible and chances that you will win the prize goes down the more people who are bidding.

I won the item I was bidding on, which made me very satisfied. Minutes later I receive this email from an eBay user:

I hope this item means a lot to you. This was a present for my 2 yr old to be’s birthday. She cried when she saw it because she wanted it so bad.”

I looked back at the bids placed for this item and compared them to the user that sent me this message. There were 21 bids on this item, and the user only bid twice. She was one of the first two to bid, and then the last one to bid seconds before I won. The rest of the bids were between me and another user.

This email made me quite perturbed. I felt that it was inappropriate use of the eBay tool where you can message other users. I wanted to email her back and tell her that yes, it was very important to me, and if it meant that much to her, there is another one on eBay for $90. (I paid less than $30.) Another reason it made me angry was because the item was a Princess Peach figure, and I doubt any two year old really knows who that is nor would it make her cry because she wanted it so bad. Also, the picture of the item was poor, and hardly one that would make it appeal that strongly to a two year old!

I thought about reporting this person, but Justin suggested that I simply complain about it here on BananaMonkey.

The end.