The Writers’ Strike

I am very sick of this strike going on in Hollywood. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not anti union, but I am not pro union either. What I am is pro-my-tv-shows. I very much enjoy watching my shows after a long night of work or a long day of school. That really is all I have to say about this.

To Morning Good You

I am starting off my day today meeting the beautiful Steph Schwecke for lunch at Panera.  I have not seen her in awhile now, nor have I been to Panera in awhile!  I love staying in touch with friends that I am not able to see as often as I used to.  Friends are one of those beautiful things in life that you can always count on.

After lunch I may go get my nails done or something else random.  Then this evening I am having dinner with my wonderful cousin Tina!  Who I also have not seen in too long.  Today is just full of great dates!

I must go to bed very early tonight, because I have a test at 730am tomorrow morning.  This is my first real teacher test, the Praxis I.  I hope to do well!

I must do shower now, otherwise my dates will run away from me 🙂