Back in the Game

Justin has been driving me crazy telling me that I need to start blogging again. So here I go!

The nice thing about this new admin thingy is that I can blog when I feel like it and timestamp them to post when I want them to.

Christmas was really good. I had many good Christmases with family. I spent time in Nebraska with Justin’s family which was a lot of fun. It always is, and I really love getting to know them better.

School starts again on Monday. I am pretty excited about that because I always like starting new classes.  As with every semester, I have big dreams!  I want to get all As, attend 90% of my classes, and remember the material after the class is over.  Hopefully this semester I can do that, and I think the key to my success is flashcards.

I really hope to keep up with my reading during classes, work, and church.  I bought around 11 books this break, and I have not read enough of them yet.

Anyways, I should be blogging more often, but no promises!