A Fresh Start

So Justin has been bugging me like crazy to post again.  And since I have changed my email address to amber at bananamonkey.com, I should probably update.

I started  classes at Concordia yesterday.  It is a huge change from the U of M, and I am having kind of a hard time.  They give us laptops here as part of the tuition.  I already have a laptop, and I don’t really like the new one.  So I will just use mine, and deal with the disadvantages that brings.

My classes seem alright though, but they will be a lot of work.  The classes that I am taking are Intro to Teaching, The Effective Middle School Teacher, Ed Psych, MacroEcon, Old Testament, and Our Living Faith.  I am especially excited about my religion classes because I want to grow deeper in both my heart faith and head faith.

Justin and my wedding plans are moving along well.  My bridesmaids and I went and picked out their dresses.  They are very pretty, and will be ordered in January.  So our official weddings colors are now cranberry and ivory.  I am very excited to be getting married, but it is hard to think about that.  I just can’t wait for my dress to come in October!

Tonight Woodbury Days starts.  I am working at the Friday’s booth tonight, tomorrow night, and all day Sunday.  So come visit me!

Well it is about time for classes to start again, so I should get going!

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