To Begin Again

The last few days at Centennial have been very hellish. We have encountered situations that we could never have been trained for. I have only been impacted by the events through the impact they have had on my friends, but I am still sad. I want to say to my friends that I am truly grateful that you are all such strong people and that I am so proud of the way you are all handling life these past days. I love you all!

On another note, a redesign should be coming soon! I love my site now, but I feel that it is from a different era of my life. I remember thinking of this little child who looks so lost and relating to him. I am hoping that the new design will be much happier and beautiful. This should all happen by May, since I want to be able to post daily about my trip to Germany.

Along with Germany, I will be traveling to Mexico and Florida this summer. I am so very excited for this, and I cannot wait! These trips will lead me into a new chapter in life.

I need some prayers for motivation during the last couple months of school. I am having difficulty staying focused and am finding myself very unattached from school. I feel like I do not care anymore, which is a very bad attitude to have.

Lastly, I want to refer you to Justin finally has it back up. Although it doesn’t talk about me nearly enough, you may enjoy some of it!

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