Day 2 of my Quest

I want to be more frequent with my posts. Maybe if I do it every night before bed this summer, I will post more during the school year also.

I worked today. I was able to hold the ferrets, and pet dogs and talk to birds. I really enjoy working there. Sometimes people may be crabby, but the animals are always pleasant.

After work I went to Friday Night Frenzy at church. It is always good to be there. I miss WLC since I hadn’t gone much this past semester. I am going to try to teach again this fall, despite high gas prices. After a little while of me being there, we started watching Indiana Jones. I had never seen it before. What horrible acting and special effects! But it was quite entertaining anyways. It was a good movie to watch, minus the foul language.

Justin was extremely hyper. He gets that way sometimes. I think its cute. John was there, and seemed in good mood. Others were annoying… I wonder sometimes why people don’t try harder to be nice and fun to be around.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about love. I wish people were happier in their relationships if they aren’t. I also wish I could help, but I do not always know what is going on. By observing people such as friends, strangers, those walking around, I can sense how their relationship is going. Not very specifically, but I can tell if there are problems and sometimes what the problem is. I feel like I could give them good advice if they were interested. I just want them to be happier.

A big part of the reason that Justin and I are still together and overall pretty happy is because we each have a relationship with God and we include him in our relationship.

Did you know that the statistic that says 50% of marriages fail is deceiving? It is talking about ALL marriages, not just first marriages. A lot less than 50% (I can’t remember exact, but around 25% or less) of first marriages fail. That means that 75%ish of first marriages succeed. That 25% of failed couples may go onto marry again, and a lot of those marriages fail. I think that is good to know because then maybe people would be a little less scared of marriage.

Well, it is getting close to closing time. So I shall bid you adou.