Why, hello!

I know, I do not post very much. Well I will give you an update.

I have been enjoying the life of a CA. Many new friends I have made. I like all of my residents and hopefully they like me also.

I am anxiously waiting the answer from nursing school. I am going to apply to another college here at the U so that I could possibly major in history and become a teacher. That will be my back up plan for now. I hope I get into something!

This weekend my parents are moving. Justin’s family is also moving soon. I kind of feel lost with so many changes happening around me. I am not sure where I will live this summer or when school starts next fall. It all depends on where I am going to school.

Valentines Day was interesting as usual. Justin is great, just not great at holidays. That is okay, I love him anyways!

I miss Nikki. I do not get to see her enough. We are so close now that she is at CSP but our lives are busy.

I need to study now. But I am including a link that I thought was pretty funny.

May the force be with you!