Should be sleeping!

I LOVE the Harry Potter series. I just finished book 3. I am almost tempted to drive over to Justin’s, break in, and start the fourth one. I haven’t read any fiction in a long time, and I forgot how exciting it was. This J.K. Rowling really knows how to write. I feel like I am Harry, and I get scared that the Dementors are going to get me. The 3rd one has been the best one yet. I am really glad that I didn’t remember how the movie ended. All I remember about the movie was that I was very confused. Now I can watch it and understand it!

I am really excited for school to start. I have a really cool new backpack, that I am hoping will work out superbly. I also have a nice planner. I get so excited over these things!

I have to work tomorrow. Well, later today I guess. So I really should be sleeping at 330 AM but I am not.

But I will go sleep now. EEEE!