Away we go!

In just a few short hours, I will be traveling to Willmar for Sonshine Festival. YAY! I am very excited. If you don’t know what this is, I shall tell you. It is an outdoor Christian music festival. We will camp out there and watch over 100 bands. There are also a couple of speakers during the festival which are always great to listen to. Justin, John, John’s bro Steve, and I are all going together. The church is also going, but they are going separately.

In other news… um… I don’t really have other news.

Justin and I are doing very well. We have had some challenges over the past month, but we are coming out of them very well. We have started praying together. This has been really important to me. It has helped me to pray more. Praying was something that I have sruggled with much of the past; I just never did it, or at least not very often. So I am feeling closer to God and closer to Justin.

I am enjoying all of your comments and I appreciate you all reading my site. I have been trying to update more than I have before.

I haven’t heard anything from you about saltwater aquariums, which could be because no one knows. But if you do, I would love to hear it. I am also looking for a 40-65 gallon aquarium to purchase or have if it is not wanted. So if anyone knows of one…

Well I won’t be posting for a few days unless Willmar High decided to put in high powered wireless. So have a wonderful weekend!