You cannot see the comments or make comments on past posts. That is why I have not updated. But I will update now, even though I do not care if it is nonexistant 😉

I have started working at the Woodbury Health Care Center as a nurse assistant. I do not really like it. It is really hard work for not much pay, but it is a lot still. I will stick with this job for at least 3 months so that I can get reimbursed for the class that I took.

Tonight is fireworks time. I am going to Ojibwe with my mom, aunt, 2 cousins, and uncle. Oh yeah, and my mom’s friend. It should be fun. I really miss Justin though, and I wish he was here. I am doing surprisingly well though… maybe not surprisingly, but nevertheless I am glad that I don’t miss him toooo much.

Do you like my design? Why do people not write their names when they comment? It is fine if they want to keep their comments secret, I just was wondering who is reading my site, so let me know!

I am really excited for Sonshine next weekend. It should be a lot of fun.

Heather and Chris visited me and the kittens today. It was really nice to see them! I hope someone will adopt the kitties soon. I love them being around, but I would like them to be able to adjust early to their permanent homes.

Well, I think I going to visit Victoria now and buy a bra! Have a great 4th!