a journey

I am not sure how today was.  Justin left for North Dakota today and will be there until Tuesday.  I am kind of sad.  We were having some problems the last week or so, and it was hard to have to stop working on them.  I also envy the fun that he is having because I wish we had fun like that.  I also wish I could be there with him.  But it isn’t like we are married, so it wasn’t really my place to go with him. 

I worked on a puzzle most of the day.  I happily finished it.  I also had Applebees and DQ, went to some stores with my dad, and watched some tv.

Justin has called me about 2-3 times today, which is more than he calls me when he is here.

I am not really in a good mood.  I really am okay with Justin being gone for three days.  I can go that long without seeing him.  It just is kind of hard since I worry about us sometimes. 

You all probably don’t care 🙂

bananamonkey will be getting a new look soon so I hope you all visit in the next week and are pleased.

Adios for now.