Monday Monday

Isn’t this font color choice ugly?  I thought so.

My first class after spring break was cancelled.  I think.  There was a sign on the door that the class that met in ‘this’ room from 8-10 was cancelled, but the course number was wrong.  When I looked up that course number, there was no class scheduled from 8-10, so I hope mine was cancelled. 

I am pissed though.  My professor could have sent out an email telling us so that we could sleep longer or actually take that shower we woke up too late to take.  Okay, so maybe that shower thing only applies to me.  But not I do not feel like take a shower. 

There are a couple perks of not having class though:

I can get rid of my heaviest books on my heaviest back pack day
I do not have to try to stay awake through class
I can eat breakfast
I can have more time for work
I don’t have class!So the numbers do not go to the right font.  I will have to ask Justin about that.

Speaking of Justin, I love him!  He loves me too, which is a damn good thing because I am quite a bit to put up with sometimes.  For all of you who are wondering, we are good! 

Well, I think I am going to go now.  Maybe eat breakfast or something.