Complete Devastation

Whisper was my kitty.  I was his favorite and he was mine.  I got in trouble in third grade when I was assigned to write about my best friend, and I wrote about Whisper.  My teacher said that it had to be a human, but Whisper was my best friend. 

I never thought he was going to die.  I really didn’t. 

I don’t think I have ever truly known sadness until this week.  I know that sounds silly.  He is just a cat!  But I am so sad that I am sick.  I have been nauseous all day.  I also could not sleep last night.  I was up crying until 3am. 

My mom is in the hospital this week for rehab for her fibromyalgia.  I had to take Whisper to the vet to be put down with Heather and Smash.  My mom wasn’t there.  She isn’t there to comfort me either.  But I do not want her to come home or anything, I just wish she was here.

I really cannot write anymore.  I am just going to cry more.