My Perfect Date

Friday might be a date night.  I was thinking though, a date with someone that you have been with for awhile is not really a date.  So I was thinking about my perfect date. 

A "first date" attitude would be wonderful.  I would love if he was trying to impress me, or win me over.
He would show up at my door looking his best (i.e. no sweatshirt) with a single flower and give me a kiss on my cheek.  He would open the car door for me. 
We would arrive at the restaurant, a nice one.  When we were seated he would let me sit down first and push my chair in for me.  Through dinner we would have interesting conversation.
After dinner, we would go to the movie.  He would hold me hand on the way in and in line.  When we bought the tickets we would go into the theater.  When we sat down he would give me another little kiss.  It would be a wonderfully gentle, romantic kiss.
Throughout the movie, we would hold hands, and every once in awhile he would lean over and make a comment on the movie.
After the movie there are two options: 1) We would go to a park and walk around under the stars.  He would stop and bring me in close to him.  He would give me a passionate kiss and tell me that I was beautiful and everything that he ever wanted. Or 2) It is December, so if it was too cold he could bring me home.  He would walk me to my door, pull me in close to him.  Then the passionate kiss and statement as written in #1.  Now he would leave, and I would go in my house in love.Sounds nice doesn’t it?  Well here is to dreams!