A Long Day

So this week has actually kinda sucked.  Let’s see why…

Monday- Went to one class.  Hung around the building.  Went to another class.  I really do not remember Monday at all.  Was I alive on Monday?  Hmm… I know I would have had Chipotle with Justin.  And I watched tv.  Maybe Monday was an okay day.

Tuesday- My birthday.  Election Day.  I voted with my mom.  We went and got a cake for me.  Went home.  Justin showed up and we went to dinner at Fridays.  Oh, my grandma gave me some money between those events.  Dinner was nice.  Went home.  Cake was nice.  I did some homework.  The day just sucked though.  I do not think I am ever very happy on my birthday.  I am not sure why.  I do not know if it is that I am just never satisfied or what.  But my birthdays just kinda all around suck.  Do not get me wrong, I love spending the time with my family and such.  But no more toys and lots of two dollar wrapped presents.  Maybe birthdays will get better when I have kids of my own.  We shall see.

Wednesday- That was yesterday… um…  Probably aced a test.  Left that class early cause I was panicking.  I was accepted to study abroad.  Only catch was it cost four thousand dollars.  It is not like I have that laying around anywhere.  I think I stalked Justin to, but I could not find him.  I did find him at five thirty though, when it was time to go to church.  We got in the car and drove.  I was probably grouchy.  Went to church.  My sister was lost, but we found her.  Had a nice small group.  Went back to my house.  Snuggled and ate Radabaugh dip with Justin, which was nice.  So Wed. night was good and day was bad.

Thursday (today)- Woke up.  Skipped a class.  Justin drove us here.  That was okay.  I was quiet, as usual this week.  Went to class.  That was decent.  Went to a nice spot on the floor and worked on an assignment with some class mates.  Went to Chipotle.  Went to class.  Went home.  Cleaned, did laundry, organized.  Went to the Rec and swam.  That was nice and refreshing.  Went to the Village Wok with Justin and co.  While walking back to the dorm got into a tif with Justin.  Put me in a very bad mood.  Made me again quiet.  I really didn’t mean to make him mad.  But I never do mean to.  Got home.  Got my period. (and for all of you who want to blame my mood this past week on PMS… shut up.)  Wrote Justin an email, cause I put things best in writing.

So as you can see.  For me, this week has sucked.  Hopefully it can only get better.  Which is not true, for it can get worse.  But hopefully it does not.  Tomorrow I start working at Marshall Field’s as a Santa’s Helper.  I am really very excited for this.  I would like it to go well.  On Saturday I am going with Justin’s family to Iowa to watch the Nebraska football game.  That may be fun.  I am sure it will be.  Sitting in a car for all those hours watching Justin work on his computer.  Yay.  It will be fun.  It may sound like I am trying to convince myself of that, but I am not.  I believe it.

So now I am just waiting for Justin to call me.  Why is it that when you get into a fight, he says, "Don’t worry, I still love you."  It drives me crazy.  1. I never thought he didn’t. 2. Him loving me doesn’t solve anything.  3.  … um … something.  It just makes me upset when he says that.  Oh well.

So out of my grouchy mood, came a long post.  That is good I suppose.  Out of my grouchy mood, tho, I want to scream.  And cry.  At the same time. 

I hate money.  I just thought that I would throw that in. 

Someday, when I have children, I really hope that I can support them and make them happy.  I do not think that money is what is supposed to make you happy, or what should make you happy.  But it does.  It is a sad fact of life.  This fact of life is where I am going to end.

Goodnight all and I hope your weeks were better than mine was.