i hate when i make stupid comments. 

i said a stupid thing today.  i didn’t mean it the way it came out.  so i am sorry to that person. 

i am going to cry now i think.  goodbye

I Wanna Be a Hero!

(this is written as if it were saturday not the absolute beginning of sunday)

so if you heard about the big pokemon rocks america fest at the mall of america today, that is where i was!  i worked outside in the cold for 8 hours straight.  burrrr.

i am in incredible pain.  this could be from a few things.

i went to the chiropractor yesterday and got my back adjusted.  so this means that i should have little back pain.  but i pretty much ruined my back today manning the pokeball toss today.  so that is where most of my pain comes from.

also yesterday i did yoga.  i am guessing that that has much to do with it too. 

despite where it came from, i can barely move.

despite the fact that i can barely move, i had a wonderful time in the freezing cold making little childrens’ and freaky older peoples’ days.

tomorrow is sunday. yay for it.  that means in only a day i have to go back to school.  oh well, my weekend was worth it.

night all.

Burn Baby Burn

You know, it really seems like I burn time a lot.  I do not know why, but maybe it is because I do. 

Anyways.  I have a class in 19 minutes.  That is not too long to wait since I already have waited for 61 minutes.  Look!  I can do strikethrough with this new editor.

I can also put a line in it.  Wow.Or I can type in subscript.

Hmm, I wonder…Yep, I can type in superscript.

Okay, that is enough making fun of the editor.  Justin, it is very nice.

You know what I have not done in awhile?  I have not used a song in my posts.  But I have not really been listening to music as often as I used to.

I have a job interview today.  I will tell you about it if I get the job, otherwise it does not matter. 

Hmm… 15 more minutes.  I wonder what I can post about for 15 minutes…

I am selling steak tickets for my church!  They are having a steak dinner on Sunday from 4-8 plus a silent auction.  The tickets are $15.  If you want one, you must get back to me by tonight.  My number is 2616372.

I am going to leave now.


An Accomplishment

You know what is cool?  I am becoming more regular than Alex!  This is a big deal.  Or maybe he has a more interesting life than me… But I do not think that I care, I am updating regularly!

I really do not have too much to say, so regular updates are not as exciting if they lack content. 

Exciting news:  (not to brag) In my World Religious Beliefs class, I am one of the top 4 students!  That is cool I think, and I am proud.

Did I spell accomplishment right?

I have a job interview tomorrow.  That seems like that is all I do for fun.  That and eat at Chipotle.  Oh well, life goes on.

Tomorrow is church.  Week 3!  We shall see how that goes.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

I like the numbers in this font.  (Font is Georgia in case you cared, or in case it does not appear that way in your browser.)

I really should go to bed soon.  Especially since I feel like eating.  So I will go there soon.  Soon is the key word.

Night all!

the incredible edible egg!

I have had that stupid egg song stuck in my head for hours… or maybe only minutes.  But it is a song that makes it feel like it. 

Anywho… I talked to Kyle today!  It was good to talk to him since I have not in a while.  Hopefully we can hang out sometime this weekend. 

I have a law test tomorrow.  I am not too excited about that, but what can ya do?  Study, that is what.  So I did.  I am not one to study.  I do not mind reading the material, and I like homework assignments, but when it comes to studying the text, it doesn’t go too well.  Oh well.

I should get to bed soon, after all I was up until 2 or 3 last night.  But I just do not feel like it.  But Justin is soon.  So I will too.



This site bugs me.  Well, mostly the editor.  Justin, I hope you read this! 

First, in IE 6.0.blah, this editor looks like crap.

Second, I cannot use the editor in Mozilla.

Third, when I set the font to Times New Roman, bold, italic, it changes to verdana or something.

Fourth, well, I cannot think of a fourth right now, but I am sure I will.

But overall, I love my site honey!

Do you think I should go get Starbucks?  I have an hour until my next class, and this is such a tough decision.  Okay I will, you have convinced me.