I apologize for the appearance of yesterday’s post.  At least on my browsers, the font was really small and bad to look at. 

I am excited, today I have a study abroad meeting.  I am really nervous about it, cause I do not know how I would handle being away from my life for 3 weeks.  I know that I could not do it for a whole semester, nor do I want to.  I take that back..  I think I could do it, but since I don’t want to it doesn’t matter. 

I want to go to Italy in May for an art class.  Last year at IHCC, I took an art history class.  It was really intriguing (sp?) and to see the works of art that I studied in real life would be amazing!  So I am really excited for this meeting, and I hope all goes well.

I have my Santa’s Helper training on Saturday.  I wish I didn’t have to go kinda, cause I want to go home tomorrow.  But oh well.  I will watch Starsky and Hutch at the student union.  That will be fun.  And hopefully I sit down tomorrow and get lots of homework done so I do not have to take it home at all. 

Kari’s family (one of my roommates) is coming this weekend.  She is really excited, and I am excited to meet them.   I know that means a lot to her, and she has not seen them since before school started.  So I have to get my room cleaned today!

You know what is funny?  I enjoy my biology lecture a lot.  I like learning about everything, and I really like the teacher.  I am liking school a lot this year.  Not all classes, which is not necessary anyways, but still, I like it.

Saturday I am hanging out at my house with my mom, Jack, and Sierra.  We are going to watch Scooby Doo 2.  Then they are going to sleep over.  I think Sierra is going to come to my sunday school with me then. 

Erg.  I am not really a patient person.  It is 1018 and I am sitting in math.  I have nothing to do in here… I could work ahead, but I like staying on track, and I got finished with my stuff a couple days early.  Plus, there is no math tomorrow cause of some reason unknown.

My birthday is coming up!  It is on election day!  Cool huh?  For my birthday I get to know the next president.

I want to wear jeans with high heels!

I am going to go surf the net now.