I Wanna Be a Hero!

(this is written as if it were saturday not the absolute beginning of sunday)

so if you heard about the big pokemon rocks america fest at the mall of america today, that is where i was!  i worked outside in the cold for 8 hours straight.  burrrr.

i am in incredible pain.  this could be from a few things.

i went to the chiropractor yesterday and got my back adjusted.  so this means that i should have little back pain.  but i pretty much ruined my back today manning the pokeball toss today.  so that is where most of my pain comes from.

also yesterday i did yoga.  i am guessing that that has much to do with it too. 

despite where it came from, i can barely move.

despite the fact that i can barely move, i had a wonderful time in the freezing cold making little childrens’ and freaky older peoples’ days.

tomorrow is sunday. yay for it.  that means in only a day i have to go back to school.  oh well, my weekend was worth it.

night all.