Burn Baby Burn

You know, it really seems like I burn time a lot.  I do not know why, but maybe it is because I do. 

Anyways.  I have a class in 19 minutes.  That is not too long to wait since I already have waited for 61 minutes.  Look!  I can do strikethrough with this new editor.

I can also put a line in it.  Wow.Or I can type in subscript.

Hmm, I wonder…Yep, I can type in superscript.

Okay, that is enough making fun of the editor.  Justin, it is very nice.

You know what I have not done in awhile?  I have not used a song in my posts.  But I have not really been listening to music as often as I used to.

I have a job interview today.  I will tell you about it if I get the job, otherwise it does not matter. 

Hmm… 15 more minutes.  I wonder what I can post about for 15 minutes…

I am selling steak tickets for my church!  They are having a steak dinner on Sunday from 4-8 plus a silent auction.  The tickets are $15.  If you want one, you must get back to me by tonight.  My number is 2616372.

I am going to leave now.