the incredible edible egg!

I have had that stupid egg song stuck in my head for hours… or maybe only minutes.  But it is a song that makes it feel like it. 

Anywho… I talked to Kyle today!  It was good to talk to him since I have not in a while.  Hopefully we can hang out sometime this weekend. 

I have a law test tomorrow.  I am not too excited about that, but what can ya do?  Study, that is what.  So I did.  I am not one to study.  I do not mind reading the material, and I like homework assignments, but when it comes to studying the text, it doesn’t go too well.  Oh well.

I should get to bed soon, after all I was up until 2 or 3 last night.  But I just do not feel like it.  But Justin is soon.  So I will too.



This site bugs me.  Well, mostly the editor.  Justin, I hope you read this! 

First, in IE 6.0.blah, this editor looks like crap.

Second, I cannot use the editor in Mozilla.

Third, when I set the font to Times New Roman, bold, italic, it changes to verdana or something.

Fourth, well, I cannot think of a fourth right now, but I am sure I will.

But overall, I love my site honey!

Do you think I should go get Starbucks?  I have an hour until my next class, and this is such a tough decision.  Okay I will, you have convinced me.