Did you know….

…that I love Trolls?

…that I collect California Raisins?

…that I cry every time I watch Armaeggedon?

…that my favorite feeling in the world is a baby sleeping in my arms?

…that I have always wanted to live on a farm?

…that my favorite day of the week is Thursday?

…that I want to travel to Australia?

…that I cannot tell left from right?

…that after my grandma died, I kept all of the puzzles¬†we used to play with?

…that I love the taste of Robitussin?

…that I am terrified of Heaven?

…that I won a spelling bee in 3rd grade?

…that I am who I am?

Killing Time

This post is going to look boring cause I do not have the editor on this browser. Hopefully it still works. I am just sitting here killing time until 2. I am on one of those communications kiosk. Not as nice as anything else, but it will do. I have an appointment with an advisor later, so I am posting.

I am going to be doing homework tonight. It is a Friday night, I know. But then I do not have to bring any of it home this weekend. And I do not mind doing homework on a Friday night.

Justin and I are going to be okay, I think. (That was in reference to my previous post)

So far this year, I think my best Friday night was spent at John’s house playing DDR. That was so fun!

Speaking of John… I was on the St. Paul campus today, and we drove past his car. I was going to go put a note on it and say hi to him, but I ran out of time. Sorry John, I wanted to!

Anyways… I killed a whole 3 minutes. I am going to go study or something.

2 da lu.