Keepin’ Up With the Jones’s

Isn’t this a very pretty color font?  I think it is.  I had to update otherwise I would be unregular… irregular… whatever. 

I have been really sick, as you may have gathered from my last two posts.  I skipped two classes today.  Naughty Amber.  Oh well, I was too sick.  My profs understood too, which was cool. 

You know what is weird?  When my mouse moves from one side of the screen to the other without me touching any of them. 

One of my neighboring rooms is constantly open.  People are going in and out of there almost 24/7.  It drives me crazy cause they are always loud despite quiet hours.  But I guess that is life. 

I should be doing my homework, but I am pretty much done.  I have to do a worksheet, but I cannot come up with the answers for the last two questions.  Hopefully I can bum the jist of them off of someone before class, but we shall see. 

I smell permanent big black marker… I used that earlier today, but it was a long time ago and I am not sure why it still smells, but what is a gal to do? 

I got a new phone today!  It made me happy.  Same number, but new phone.

I wish my posts said how long ago they were written, like Alex’s.  But that is okay, it is not something necessary.  Maybe over Thanksgiving or Christmas break I will teach myself HTML.  That would be cool.

My birthday is in less then a month!  Election Day, so none of your forget.  I expect lots of nothing, I don’t really expect anything.  Maybe a "Hey Amber, happy birthday to you!"  But that is all I would like.

Election Day… FYI, I am voting Bush.  I would prefer it not to be Bush/Cheney, but you get what you get.  I would encourage you all to vote Bush.  He is a good guy, a great president, and a wonderful Christian.

Also coming up is Justin and I’s 1.5 year.  Not too big of a deal, but still a long time.  And I still love him 🙂

I am going to go back to studying now.  I will update more of my life soon