Bad Previous Title

I was getting really sick of looking at me Tiiiiiiiiiime title.  So that means it is time to post.  I am having a pretty good day.  It was my first day in math that I really had trouble.  It is going to start getting hard now, hopefully I can keep up.  We are working on algebra and geometry or something, but the problems are word problems.  I have a hard time figuring out what it is asking of me since they are so complex.  Maybe I can have Justin help me sometime, or maybe not too.  We shall see.

Tonight is youth group.  I am excited so so.  Not that excited but not not excited.  Hopefully my group will mix well together.  There are a couple people in it that I am hesitant about so I just need to pray.

We get carmel apples at dinner tonight.  I am so excited that I even dreamt about whether they would have nuts on them or not and if they did, if I would eat them with nuts.  That is ridiclous isn’t it?! 

I am still doing really well in school.  I have a midterm in 20 minutes.  It will be pretty simple though.  It is only on vocab and I made flashcards.  I studied them a lot, and there are a few that I just cannot get down.  So of course those will be the ones on the exam.  I think I am going to go study up on them a little more before class.  Plus I really have no more to write.  Adios!