You know, I think about my cousin Jack.  He is going to be 7 next month.  I still remember when he was born, and the first time I held him, and basically his whole life.  That has been seven years!  It has gone by so fast.  I think about how I want to grow up and have kids and be married.  I hate the waiting, but the fact that seven years have gone y so fast means that if I have to wait seven more, although I will not like it, I can do it. 

But anyways.  School has not been too bad.  I like it a little bit.  Although it is expensive, it is not a waste. Hopefully I will get a job soon.  I have one coming up in November.  I am going to be a Santa’s Helper at the Marshall Fields in Mpls.  I am going to see if I can get a job there otherwise, a regular job.  Who knows, we will see.  But I would prefer a job here on campus. 

I am going to get to studying now.  I have 2 hours until my next class and that should give me some study time.